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February 15, 2001

So, my life is pretty much complete. I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever. You know how I can really wax sentimental sometimes.

I'm still in San Francisco, now on Valentine's Day, awaiting Ashley's return this evening; and I fly back to Cambridge in five days. In the l...

February 8, 2001

I'm seeing a pattern here in my blog (and I wrote this even before re-reading the last sentence from my last one on the same subject): repeated instances where I'm forced to acknowledge how I'm constantly taking things for granted. And for this, I have a film analogy:...

January 27, 2001

Ahhhhhh. It's SO nice to be home! I love this city!! I don't know where to start enjoying being in a real urban center again. I've torn out several reviews of performances and art exhibitions from the newspaper, which I'd be into seeing; a friend of mine has tickets to...

January 15, 2001

One thing I'm learning about antiquity is that (for all my romanticizing it) it's better to visit than to live with.

Something about Cambridge is frozen in those 1300bc piles of stone. Maybe it's England at large, except for London. Maybe even London?

I see London as a h...

November 11, 2000

A Mercedes, apparently, is not a car. It is a symbol of hatred and oppression, it would seem. It just boasts the added feature of being handy for getting from here to there.

My dad is a car fiend, and from him I learned my love for the metal beast. He has collected some...

October 26, 2000

I came home from the airport last night after five days in Los Angeles. It rained all the way home, as I dozed in the back of the cab all the way from Oakland. When we pulled onto my street, it was clear there was a power outage; my entire block was completely dark inc...

October 17, 2000

Boy, do I love fast things. I have a big love affair with those monstrous, powerful American cars of the late '60's and early '70's -- the Barracuda, the GTO, the Camaro and Corvette, the Nova and Malibu; the Mustang Mach I and Shelby. Similarly, I adore a good rollerc...

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