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April 9, 2001

This is getting out of hand. Really, I need, like, a little recorder or something, like gross '80's businessmen or junior college professors use, to make notes to myself when I get an idea. I keep forming blog entries in my mind in some random place, getting to where I...

October 18, 2000

So you may have detected my love for architecture, antiquity in particular. Why ancient things, foreign places? It's not the surprise of the unknown which elicits awe; it's the discovery of a jewel just as it was left: ancient, perfect, immesurably perfect.

In the darkn...

September 29, 2000

I'm going to need coffee if this is to be in any way interesting.

So, yeah. Blatant thievery, or I wouldn't be here doing this. I have minimal html skills. Sorry, Angela. (And thanks, Gina!)

I've kept journals on and off since I was, like, 12. At 12 it was all "I hate my...

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