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Do you know I work for Schwab? *Schwab*. It's Schwaberific. Schwabtastic. Schwaba-fucking-licious. Have you seen me? Go back to my "resume" page and take a look. Yup, I work for Schwab, lookin' like that. I was hired to do freelance design there 2 days a week, for and the Schwab intranet (cleverly, very cleverly, named "the Schweb"). So it's not actually Schwab proper; it's Schwab's in-house design agency, called CRS Communications, but Schwab is our only client *and* they own the company. Some kind of corporate nepotism or something. After doing years of graphic design professionally, I had become fairly accustomed to the design-agency environment. Most of the places I worked wer

Coffee & cathedrals

I'm going to need coffee if this is to be in any way interesting. So, yeah. Blatant thievery, or I wouldn't be here doing this. I have minimal html skills. Sorry, Angela. (And thanks, Gina!) I've kept journals on and off since I was, like, 12. At 12 it was all "I hate my mom" and "That guy Brian is really cute!" etc. In my 20's, of course, it was all about passion and meaning and "what's it all about?" See, now, I've figured that bit out: It's not about anything in particular, and it doesn't matter. There's lots of interesting stuff to do anyway. So here I am, joining the trend of narcissism and reality exposee with rantings of my own. Hell, if you can do it, so can I. Hats off to the pionee

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