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It's not old and it's not from the navy

I'm torn between Doing My Part To Stimulate The Economy, and saving money because I haven't been working much. I have to admit to slightly regretting leaving Schwab (gasp!); though I've had some cool freelance gigs, they've been nearly as few and far between as my photo gigs. And now some people very close to me have been laid off from their jobs. The circle of unemployment closes in. By the way, I received an email from some writer looking for people to interview for a book he's writing about Schwab culture. I won't be replying to him because my supervisors there, who were really, really cool people, had been concerned that I was writing about Schwab on my website and I promised to keep it

Seeing stars

I seem to have made some kind of pledge-y thing (see how she demeans it already, in case it doesn't work out) to write an entry every week. Okay then. Honestly, I haven't tapered off out of laziness or any sorry excuse for my own behavior. I honestly have been waiting to get back to a time where I feel comfortable with the relatively superficial verbal diarrhea I tend to produce; lately that sort of content has seemed inappropriate. Last night around this time I was lying on the rooftop of Gina's Nob Hill apartment watching the meteor shower with Shelly and Patrick. These weren't just everyday shooting stars; each one had a long, long tail of sparkling effervescence trailing behind like Tink

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