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Less ducks, more mad shouty people

Ahhhhhh. It's SO nice to be home! I love this city!! I don't know where to start enjoying being in a real urban center again. I've torn out several reviews of performances and art exhibitions from the newspaper, which I'd be into seeing; a friend of mine has tickets to a rehearsal of the symphony she's invited me to; and I have a long list of people I've promised to call upon my return here, to go play with. I need to get out and see my city! I got home around 7pm Thursday. Around 7:30, my grocery delivery from Webvan arrived, which I ordered online from England, to bring me all the staple items and goodies I'll need to enjoy my stay at Hotel Victorian (aka the SF house). At 8:00 Stefanie sh

Culture clash

One thing I'm learning about antiquity is that (for all my romanticizing it) it's better to visit than to live with. Something about Cambridge is frozen in those 1300bc piles of stone. Maybe it's England at large, except for London. Maybe even London? I see London as a huge, vivid metropolis of art and style and culture and music. But I have spoken to ex-Londoners who see it just as I see Cambridge: decaying slowly, stodgier than its constantly evolving child, New York. New York! We were just there over New Years, then back to San Francisco. After three weeks in Cambridge, then a week in New York City, suddenly New Yorkers seemed so vital, so excited with life, and so friendly! Then only thr

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